Text Message Alerts Mean More Kids Get Flu Vaccines

If you were at my Ignite Waterloo talk, you'd know that text messaging has changed all kinds of lives all over the world.


Text Messaging has now been proven to make more kids get flu vaccines. Reminders sent to their parents with a link to a flu shot registration website, educational material and information about Saturday clinics, all helped to boost the effectiveness of the campaign.

According to Jed Alpert, founder and CEO of Mobile Commons: “The great thing about mobile is when you send messages, they’re designed to have an outcome,” he said. “When someone gets a text message there’s an implication that action should be taken — you typically wouldn’t send general information through text.”

What do you think? Would you be more apt to remember appointments and vaccines if you had a text from your doctor or dentist? Tell me about it on Twitter or talk to me on Facebook.

Greg Lehman