StrayBoots: SMS Scavenger Hunt

Here at Spike|Mobie, we're always hearing about new ways to use SMS

. Some of these ideas are really cool. This one in particular really struck me as awesome. The company is called StrayBoots and they are from New York.

The idea is simple enough: go to their website, buy a game and then go on a walking tour of the city. You get rewarded with information and some perks along the way. Listen to their CEO describe how it works and some plans they have for the future.

I think it's a great way to not only show tourists around your city, but also to let residents interact with some of your local businesses and learn about your history.


This video shows the game in action.

What are your thoughts on StrayBoots? Is this something you would do if you were travelling? Talk to me on Facebook, or tell me about it on Twitter.

Greg Lehman