Harley Davidson Dealership Dramatically Increases Sales Using Mobile

This case study was taken from the Mobile Marketing Association website and it shows how one Harley Davidson store used SMS to increase dealership traffic and sales at their location during the busy holiday season.


Company: Route 66 Harley Davidson

Duration: December 12 - 24, 2011

Objective: To maintain visibility with current customers and add new customers and revenue through a holiday promotion.

Call to Action: Membership in Route 66’s mobile club was promoted through its social media campaign, in-store marketing and previous customers of the dealership. Members then received daily alerts offering a 20% discount on a different merchandise item each day. This increased customer awareness of the merchandise inventory and drew more customers into the store during a time of the year when sales are typically slower.

Results: The dealership had significant increase in sales of the specific items discounted during the campaign period. For example, the sale of T-shirts purchased on T-shirt Day was over 250% more than a normal day. High-dollar items also saw increased sales. On Helmet Day, the number of helmets sold with the 20% discount equaled the number sold for the entire previous week; and on Leather Jacket Day, seven leather jackets were sold at the 20% discount, representing a 16% increase over jacket sales the previous week. These numbers also represented an increase in dealership traffic.

Testimonials: The 12 Days of Christmas campaign provided Route 66 Harley-Davidson increased sales, increased dealership traffic, and an increase in its mobile club membership. This promotion continued the success of its mobile marketing that previously helped drive traffic to sponsored events, expanded membership in its mobile club, and increased entries in contests. Nick Edwards, Marketing Manager for Route 66, says that while the dealership also uses radio and print, “Thirty-five percent of our customers come to us from mobile advertising.”

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Greg Lehman